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1 千疋猿図 (18c.)
A thousand monkeys design
76.0×75.5×6.0(mm) SOLD 肥前国(現在の佐賀県と長崎県)にて活躍した矢上派の代表的意匠であり、三様の姿をした

This is attributed to Yagami School in Hizen province (present Saga and Nagasaki prefecture).
This design Sen-biki (A thousand = means a lot of) monkeys were depicted and San-en
(three monkeys, covering both eyes, ears and mouth) appears at the upper part of the front.
And moving balls can be seen in the Tsuba.
2 宝珠向龍図 (19c.)
Dragons with treasure design
59.0×47.0×5.0 (mm) SOLD 宝珠を挟み、向い合わせた龍を巧みに配置し櫃穴を表している。 上部に「十文字」がある。

Two dragons and Hoju (treasure) were depicted and a cross (means probably the holy cross)
is seen at the upper part.
駿馬吉祥図 (18c.)
Swift horses with
treasure design
81.0×80.0×5.5 (mm) SOLD 大柄の鐔で、表に8頭の駿馬が躍動的に描かれ、裏に宝物尽しとなる吉祥の図柄になっている。

Active eighth swift horses (front side) and treasure (back side) are depicted,
and this is an auspicious design and good for celebration. Number 8 is one of
lucky numbers in Japan.
4 歯車に龍図 (19c.)
Dragons with gear design
72.0×69.5×6.0 (mm) SOLD 当時としては斬新な歯車(=時計)を図柄に取り入れ、中央に双龍を配している。

To incorporate a gear (of a clock) to the design is originality for those days.
5 竜宮図 (19c.)
Dragon’s palace design
73.0×67.0×4.5 (mm) \ 60,000 華やかで異国の雰囲気が感じられる、南蛮鐔の代表的な図柄の一つ。

This is one of the representative Namban designs and we can enjoy atmosphere of exoticism.
6 双竜文図 (19c.)
Dragons design
78.0×78.0×6.0 (mm) SOLD 両櫃穴が宝珠の形となり、金銀布目象嵌で図柄が表わされている。

This Tsuba has Hoju (jewel) shaped Hitsu-ana (holes on both sides of a center hole),
and a characteristic of this group, gold and silver textile inlay technique can be seen.
7 輪宝双竜図 (19c.)
Dragons with treasure design
83.0×80.0×4.5 (mm) \ 55,000 輪宝とは転輪聖王の所有する秘宝の一つで、元来は車輪の形をした古代インドの武具の一つ。

Two dragons and Rinpo (wheel-shaped treasure possessed by the ideal universal ruler)
aredepicted, and Seppa-dai (a flat base around a center hole) is square shape, European style.

※飾り台は別売りとなります。Display stand for Tsuba.
1枚掛け (for 1 piece)  ¥5,000.- 5枚掛け (for 5 pieces) ¥12,000.-

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